Nothing is more important than child custody. We are at our best when the stakes are highest.

Few things in life are as important as establishing and maintaining custody of one’s children. As such, it is imperative that separated parents obtain a correct and proper child custody order quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, too often that is much easier said than done. Physical custody, legal custody and visitation rights are among the most common issues to be resolved. The myriad of associated labels (e.g. “joint custody,” “shared custody,” “sole custody,” “primary custody,” “standard visitation,” “supervised visitation,” etc.) with each of these issues and the significance of each, makes resolving child custody issues one of the more complex issues in family law cases.

Cameron Fernandez is the father of five minor children. He knows how important children are to parents, but also how important parents are to children. He is a knowledgeable and skilled child custody advocate who has been appointed by local judicial officers to represent minors whose parents are embattled in custody disputes.

Additionally, having witnessed his parents divorce while he was a child, Cameron knows, not just professionally, but also personally how difficult divorce and separation can be for both parents and children. He possesses an unmatched reputation for excellence with regard to representing clients in custody cases.