Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage, Anullment, & Legal Separation

In California, once you are married, marital status can only be modified by a dissolution (divorce) which terminates the marriage, an annulment which voids the marriage, as though it never occurred, or a legal separation which allows for the marital community to be divided up, without the marriage actually terminating.

If You Are Facing a Divorce, Get the Best Representation to Ensure Your Rights Are Protected.

The decision to pursue either a legal separation or divorce is a difficult one. In order to make the best possible decision given one’s circumstances, it is imperative that individuals be fully informed of both their rights and responsibilities under the California law. The Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez has the answers to clients’ questions and is committed to communicating with clients on a frequent basis throughout the pendency of each case.

Many Different Issues Can Arise From a Divorce.

Divorce and legal separation cases often include a myriad of issues including dividing the community property estate, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, attorney’s fees, domestic violence, and more. The Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez has developed the reputation of being the firm that most professionals, business owners, and others with large estates turn to for family law assistance. However, possessing a complex or high value case is not a prerequisite to becoming a client. The firm also represents those who possess low and even negative value estates, but who realize the importance of the issues at hand and insist on having the best legal representation available.

Clients can rest assured that their best interests will be safeguarded and advanced by the Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez for their legal separation or divorce cases.