Domestic Violence Attorneys

There are unfortunate and tragic family law situations that involve acts of domestic violence and abuse. Domestic violence and abuse is never acceptable. At the Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez, we are proactive in obtaining the appropriate protective orders for our clients, including emergency orders for protection.Likewise, we also recognize that some litigants fabricate claims of domestic violence against our clients to gain an advantage in their divorce or custody cases. Such allegations, if not adequately refuted, can destroy an innocent person’s career and personal relationships. In such cases, we vigorously defend our clients, sometimes working in tandem with experienced criminal defense attorneys, mental health professionals and law enforcement personnel.

Domestic violence and abuse is a very serious issue that requires the experience and expertise of the attorneys at the Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez.

Restraining Orders

There are three main types of restraining orders: Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Civil Harassment Restraining Orders, and Emergency Protective Orders.