Establishing Paternity

When unmarried parents separate, there can be the need to establish each parent’s rights and responsibilities towards their minor children. The process, sometimes referred to as a “paternity case” is similar to the divorce process, although it is only focused on obtaining orders concerning child custody, visitation, child support and legal fees. Issues involving property or debts that unmarried parties have acquired when they were together are not addressed in paternity cases. They may be addressed in a civil lawsuit by one party against the other or by mutual agreement between the parties.

At the Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez, we have vast experience in representing mothers and fathers in establishing their parental relationships. We have also handled property disputes between unmarried people, often with the assistance of skilled civil litigators. Our superior knowledge and skills result in our clients having superior legal representation. We make sure that the legally responsible parties are held accountable for the physical care and financial support of their children.