Representation By an Experienced Family Law Attorney is Advisable to Carefully Represent You in the Division of a Pension

One of the sub-categories of property division in a dissolution of marriage or legal separation case is that of pension divisions. In California, any employment revenue or benefit that either party receives or acquires during their marriage is considered community property, absent a valid and enforceable written agreement to the contrary. Sometimes this is a difficult concept for people to understand and accept, particularly if one party worked outside the home during the marriage and the other party primarily attended to domestic duties, such as homemaking or child-rearing.

At the Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez, we understand the importance of this aspect of a divorce or legal separation case. We know it is critical for some clients to “keep” their pensions, and just as important that some of our clients receive their fair share of the other party’s pension or retirement benefits. We are committed to achieving property divisions that promote either of these positions, depending on each individual circumstance. We utilize experts to determine the community property value in pensions and retirement plans offered by private sector companies and large corporations. We have experience dividing all types of pensions and retirement plans through our work with federal agencies, the military, state employees, various trade industries and privately-owned companies.