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Santa Maria Restraining Order Attorney

Our attorneys are some of the most experienced around when it comes to Restraining Orders. While many family law attorneys focus almost exclusively on dissolution cases, asset division, and child custody, our attorneys have spent years litigating restraining order cases with great results. Many, otherwise experienced, local family law attorneys are like fish out of water in a restraining order cases, because they just don’t handle them very often. We are skilled and experienced at fighting and winning restraining order cases for our clients on both the defense side, and with our clients as the petitioners, when necessary to protect their well being.

Types of Restraining Orders

There are a few different types of restraining orders. The most common type of restraining order is what is known as a domestic violence restraining order. These types of restraining orders are the type most often handled by family law lawyers as they flow from domestic violence situations between couples. These types of restraining orders are heard in the family law court by a family law judge. Another type of restraining rode is what is known as a Civil Harassment restraining order. These types of restraint orders are brought between parties who are not married, co-habitating, or otherwise romantically involved. These types of restraining orders might be used between neighbors etc. Civil harassment restraining orders are heard in civil courthouse. There is a third type of restraining order referred to as an emergency protective order. These are typically issued by criminal judges as a means of protecting alleged victims in criminal cases.

Restraining Orders Can Be an Important Tool in a Divorce Where a Threat of Violence Exists

At times the pressure of a relationship breaking down can lead to a threat of violence between the parties. Where a threat exists, restraining orders can be an important tool to keep people away from each other, when that is necessary to ensure safety. If you are facing a potentially dangerous, scary, or threatening break-up, please consult with us in order to determine when a restraining order might be appropriate.

Defending Against Unjust Restraining Orders in Santa Maria

While restraining orders are a useful tool to keep people safe when a real threat exists, there are many times in which restraining orders are filed that are simply unwarranted. These can be scary situations as the impact of a restraining order being issued against you can be tremendous. We are very good at defending our clients against unfair or unjustified restraining orders. If someone has filed an unwarranted restraining order against you, we can help. We have saved hundreds of individuals from losing custody of their children, or from having an unjustified blemish on their record as a result of a bad restraining order being filed against them. Don’t let this happen to you. Call us. We can help.

The Consequences of a Restraining Order

Restraining orders are not trivial matters. They are powerful orders that can have large impacts on people’s lives for years. Restraining orders can result in dramatic losses of child custody and can break families apart. Also, restraining orders normally create a record on the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) used by law enforcement. This record can result in a loss of job to those whose professions require them to pass background checks. If you are involved in a restraining order matter, please call us. You will want effective representation. We are some of the best around at handling restraining order matters.